Saturday, March 3, 2007

Life in the Village

The pie farm is not doing well....

The crusts are too thin, the apples are too raw, and the sugar is to salty.

Our elephant is back from the zoo after it broke down previously.

It will soon be time for the intervillage olympiad in which I will be competing in the goat running and pie foraging contest.

The grand prize is a new elephant saddle so I hope to win!

In other news, the number of goat-cheese eaters in the nations has seen a dramatic drop.

Pie, Pie, Pie, it ain't no lie

Quote of the day: "But you're a Jew!!"

Other quote: "Is it lagging because i'm white?"

Pie is gud.... i want to be a firetruck when I grow up

Big, red and shiny

It'll be an adventure

What DOES "this" button do?

Eat. Sleep. Pie.

I came, I saw, I ate Pie.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Day 4, the water supply is running low.

Don't know how long I will make it out here.

Will have to invade Rhode Island soon.....

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I would post more often but I have to use a carrier pigeon and stone tablets which i etch with my own spare bones and so the process is very time consuming.

Today was an interesting day in the village.

We had a visitor today.

He told us that he had been to all four edges of the world.

That is very impressive.

Don't you think so?

Of course that is a rhetorical question but you could answer it by adding a comment to this post.

The pie farm is having a boom season, and we planted cheerios in the next field so that they will grow into full size donuts by fall.


mmm....girl scout cookies

almost as good as a real girl scout

Monday, February 26, 2007

Pie Anthem

Lyrics for the national pie anthem:

Pie, pie, pie

mmm, mmm, mmm

i like pie

pie is good

to be continued.............

World Population Crisis... Solved!

(8:27:03 PM) Dameon: I wonder...
Dameon: ...what would happen if someone ground up birth control pills in the world rice supply?
Parul: whoa
Dameon: half of asia would grind to a halt
Dameon: world hunger solved
Dameon: no more overpopulation
Dameon: Im a genius
Parul: and also worlds labor supply is cut by 90%
Dameon: not really
Parul: other 10% is from mexico and africa
Dameon: babies dont work very hard
Parul: a few years down the road....
Dameon: well it wouldnt be 100 percent effective
Parul: lol
Dameon: people would keep bangin', just fewer youngins' as a result.
Dameon: OR....we could inflate a balloon inside the planet to make it bigger
Parul: mhm
Dameon: THat way, everyone can fit
Dameon: This is why I try to not think.
Parul: but wat happens when it pops
Parul: then the worlds larger population will have to fit on the small earth
Parul: and then we will be supersaturated